Primary School Campus

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Located on the East Legon Boundary Road, The new Primary Building is an ultramodern state-of-the-art building equipped to cater for the needs of the Early Years and the Primary Years Programme. The plan and architecture of this building serve to give our students and staff the full ARIS Experience, Inspiring, Empowering and Transforming for a better world.

The three storey building is fully fitted with facilities that provide students with all they need to make their learning journey successful. On the ground floor are 5 classrooms, an eating area for the young children, the Early Years Coordinator's office and the Gym. Also located on the ground floor is an open area, where eagles can play and engage in inquiries outside of the classrooms. The first floor accommodates the offices of the Head of Primary School, the Primary Years Coordinator, and the Personalised Learning Department. It also holds 4 classrooms, the Art Room, the Design and Technology Room and the beautiful ground floor Library. Going up to the last floor are the classrooms for the Year 6's, Seniors of the Primary Years Programme. This floor also accommodates the Music Room furnished with a wide range of musical instruments, The IT and Server Rooms, the top floor of the library and the Multipurpose Hall.

All the floors are fully equipped washrooms that are kept clean by the well-trained attendant team.

Faculty and students take advantage of not only the ICT and digital provisions such as computers, televisions and tablets, that are linked to the Internet and Intranet, but they also take advantage of the fully equipped library that opens up their imagination and creativity and provides a conducive environment for teaching and learning to be successful. Indeed we are in an era where blended learning is taking precedence.

ARIS is still growing and in the future, we anticipate additional facilities which include a swimming pool, Roman Amphitheatre (for al fresco arts events), two Media and Language Labs, a separate Early Childhood Development Centre, a Counselling Centre, and an English as an Additional Language (EAL) centre.

Our Future of Inspiring, Empowering and Transforming, is indeed bright.