Student Representative Council

Jalal Abdel Malek  – Head Boy 
Learner profile: Caring

Jalal aspires to be a Mechatronic Engineer.
Do you know Jalal was the top goal scorer for the inter-schools football competition in 2017?

The Student Representative Council (SRC) works in partnership with the ARIS administration, staff and parents for the benefit of the whole school community. Based on carefully laid foundations of mutual respect and trust, and guided by the school’s statements of mission and aims, the SRC seeks (eponymously) to represent the interests of all students, to be a heard voice.

The SRC, therefore, begins from the position that the interests of the student body do not contradict the interests of the wider school community. Rather, there is considerable overlap and shared purpose. The SRC consistently seeks to function as an effective voice in those decisions which most immediately impinge on the wellbeing of students, and to bring to the table innovatory ideas and novel perspectives from the younger person’s standpoint. Doing so is an important part of the learning process: learning to discover, learning to listen to other people’s points of view, learning when to insist and when to compromise, learning in practice the basic principles of the democratic process, learning that actions have consequences, learning about taking responsibility and being accountable to others, including the electorate. 

The SRC is small. It consists of one democratically elected student from each class. It forms a simple structure including a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. It is writing its Constitution, with reference to equivalents in international schools all over the world, as this website comes online!

Central to the SRC agenda is to help the school unite by strengthening a harmonious coexistence through communication.


Hamza Alsabbagh – Assistant Head Boy 
Learner profile: Open Minded

Hamza aspires to be an Architect.
Do you know that Hamza was the best goalkeeper for two consecutive seasons?


Zeynep Sude Guvendik - Head Girl  
Learner profile: Inquirer

Zeynep wants to be a Political Scientist.
Do you know Zeynep has written a book entitled “The Enigma of a refugee” and “Secret Ivy” in Turkish?


Rashida Hassan - Assistant Head Girl  
Learner profile: Knowledgeable 

Rashida wants to be a History Lecturer at Oxford University or Cambridge University. Do you know that Rashida is friendly and easy to talk to?


Rama EL Hassan - Head of Class Representatives (female)   
Learner profile: Open Minded

She wants to be a Drug Enforcement Agency Officer. Do you know that Rama learnt how to roller skate in year 1?

Muhammad Ali - Head of Class Representatives (male)   
Learner profile: Thinker

He wants to be a Rocket Scientist. Do you know that Ali is also known as Snr. Muhammad Ali?