Primary Co-Curriculars

ARIS offers a wide range of Co-Curriculum Activities for students in the Primary and Secondary Schools. The activities are available for students in the Reception Class through Secondary. 


The activities include both fee-paying activities, run by external associations, and non fee-paying activities, offered by ARIS teachers.

Art Club Jr.
Ballet Dance
Book Club
Cartoon Animation Jr.
Cartoon Animation Sr.
Chess Jr. 
Chess Sr. 
Football Jr.
Football Sr. 
Football Sr. 
French Jr.
French Sr.
Golf Sr.
Guitar Club
Gymnastics Jr.
Gymnastics Sr.
Hindi culture
Hip Hop 
Mandarin language Jr. (Chinese)
Mandarin language Sr. (Chinese)
Mechanical Lego
Piano Club
Pottery Club Sr.
Pottery Jr.
Puzzle builders Jr.
Puzzle Builders Sr.
Quran Club
Sign language
Story time 
Taekwondo  Jr.
Taekwondo Sr.  
Tai Chi Martial art
Tennis Jr.
Tennis Sr.
Twi language/ African culture
Young Inventors