Excellence in Education

our curriculum is international and challenging. At the same time, we place a high value on the quality of relationships within the school

Approaches To Learning

Plato wondered how someone could learn when s/he could not question what s/he did not know. It is a double-bind paradox. By way of escape, he therefore thought that learning was a process of remembering what had been lea...

Reference: Student Age to Class

Below is a reference table relating the chronological age of students to their class in ARIS, in comparison with the United States system.Chrono AgeUK School / ARISARIS ProgrammeUS SchoolFrance  India CBSE0-3Pre-Pla...

Saturday School

At ARIS, we encourage our students to learn foreign languages since this exposes them to different cultures as well as different linguistic systems, thereby enabling an understanding of diversities and similarities in co...

Foundation Handbook

You can download our foundation handbook here by clicking on the cover below: