Online Learning - IBDP/CP

Online Learning - IBDP/CP

As the threat of Coronavirus spreads and governments are beginning to take more drastic action, virtual schools and online learning are becoming more widespread. In this crisis time, the Al-Rayan International School community successfully continues to keep the school alive and functioning by moving from a physical campus to online. Our learning community continues to run everything from taking daily attendance, teaching and learning, activities, meetings to taking care of the socio-emotional needs of the students’, staff and the family.

Our school never closed. During summer, we recognise the benefits of E-learning and make it a core of our personalized educational model. Even though learning online - at a distance from school - is very different from learning in a classroom, we consistently make an effort to be connected with each and every student and their family. 

We establish clear guidelines and protocols for E-learning between school and home.
“Online learning is all about connecting with others and fostering the relationships we have with our students and colleagues. Whether you’re designing for students or adults, keep the relationships central. You can create strong, healthy communities online. This becomes vital when students and teachers feel isolated or disconnected.” (Global Online Academy).



We develop a protocol that guides our students and facilitators to remain Visual, Organized, Caring, Analytic, and Lead by example while online.

Protocol Links:

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Strategic plan for E-learning: We developed our strategic plan for E-learning based on SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation/Modification/ Redefinition) model. We continue to work on our existing tools and platforms in addition to various new tools in teaching and learning.

ManageBac: we use ManageBac as our LMS. We use this platform for attendance, Unit planning, Gradebook, Reflection and Portfolio.

Google Classroom: we use the Google Classroom platform for our regular lessons. Students lessons and tasks are uploaded in Google Classroom daily. Parents receive a weekly automated report from the Google Classroom.

Zoom/Google Meet: We use these tools for our synchronous learning.


Approaches to Teaching & Learning 

Teaching & Learning Framework

Even though our facilitators are using various approaches in our teaching and learning, our teaching-learning framework is based on Catlin Tucker’s 5E (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) model of teaching and learning. This framework provides opportunities to our students in:

  • Flexible learning: students can access anywhere in the world
  • Independent learning: encourages students to think independently as well as providing the benefit of group discussion and feedback.
  • Built-in Assessment: assessments are ongoing and built in the lessons as they move with the content.
  • Personalized Intervention: our students get one on one support when they need through the zoom breakout room/teachers office hour.