Code Of Conduct

At ARIS Primary, pupils are given the basic essential guidelines for student conduct on which they develop their own essential agreements within each class. This promotes students self-awareness in monitoring both their academic and behavioural issues. Our emphasis is on promoting good conduct, resulting in reduction and ideally disappearance of misbehaviour.

Good behaviour and effort are encouraged by writing the child’s name on the right hand side of the board and giving ticks, and with the ‘GOOD NEWS SLIP’.

If the child gets three ticks, privileges such as activities of their own choice to be awarded during the lesson.

In addition, House points and Stars are awarded for any good and positive actions or behaviour.

If this continues for the rest of the week or month, the child is given a ‘Pupil of the month/week’ certificate. Pupils will achieve ‘Pupil of the month’ certificate for demonstrating good behaviour or work. ‘Certificate of Achievement’ is awarded during the year if they have received five ‘Pupil of the month’ certificates (Super King and Queen).

Pupils in a class are awarded ‘Jewels’ during times they assemble and march to their classrooms. Class with the highest number of jewels for the half term, gets a surprise treat.