Daily Departure/Dismissal

Parents should ensure that students are picked up punctually. As there is no formal supervision on campus after 15.30 except for those students involved in supervised/ extra-curricular activities, all students need to be picked up not later than 15.30. Consistent tardiness in the picking up of the students would result in the school contacting the parents to formally inform them that they will need to ensure that their ward is picked up on time. If the late pick-ups continues, then the parent will be issued with letter of acknowledgement that confirms that further action will be taken if the parents fail to comply.

If appropriate, a student may go home with a friend if s/he brings a permission note from a parent and gives it to the Homeroom Teacher at the beginning of the day. The note should include the full name of the friend.

If a student is to be picked up by someone other than usual, please notify the Administration.

No student is allowed to go home in any car or bus other than his/her own unless Administration is informed.