Punctuality / Lateness

Punctuality is expected from all members of the school. Punctuality is a tacit demonstration of courtesy, a mark of respect for others, and is evidence of the ability to plan and organise oneself and one’s commitments.

Lateness, on the other hand, suggests an indifference to wasting the time of other people and a disorganised attitude to one’s personal responsibilities. Habitual lateness is not a trait conducive to academic, professional or social progress. Neither is it conducive to earning respect and cooperation from peers or colleagues.

Students, and of course their teachers, are required to arrive in school in sufficient time to be fully prepared, physically and mentally, for the commencement of classes at the scheduled time. If a student is late for school, s/he is required to report to Reception before going to class. Repeated lateness will be treated as a disciplinary infraction.