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Dec 9, 2019

The Parent School Association is proud to publish the businesses of our parents and hope that you, as a parent at our school, will take advantage of the discounts (where applicable) and support each other.

(If someone would like to be added to the Directory, please send an email to commincation@aris.edu.gh & psachair@aris.edu.gh)

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10% discount - Labels for all uniforms and items for school.
Contact: Dzifa Brown, 0204264646. walabrown@yahoo.com

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Zenfusion Academy
Erickson Coaching/training/NLP/Meditation - 10%-30% discount on regular price
Contact: Munnira Sheikh 0544338834, 0552557880 Info@zenfusionacademy.com

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Sprogs Kids
Sprogs kids is a high quality children's clothing and accessories shop as well as a very well equipped events and play centre - 10% discount
Contact: Mettle Nada, 0270939939, nadakezia@gmail.com

Ozoza Lifestyle
African-inspired Fashion and Fashion Accessories - 10% discount
Contact: Aziza Atta, 0242 524 662, aziza@ozozalifestyle.com

Shoebox Gh
Footwear including school shoes - 10% discount
Contact: Celia Aschkar, 0244620875, Celiamariana11@yahoo.com

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Moreno trading limited
Twist fruit juice and flavored milk - 10% discount
Contact: Jamila sfarjilani, 0244277767, Jamilamoutrage@yahoo.com

Cice's Foods
Homemade gourmet granola - 10% Discout Contact: Ceesay Etim, Binta, 050-804-9376, 020-012-8716 binta.ceesay@gmail.com, nkybonsu@gmail.com

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P4 Pilates Studio
Fitness, exercise - 5% all Reformer and mat classes (regular sessions) Contact: Nicholas, 055 720 2333

Platinum Orthodontic & Dental Care Services
Dental -  Contact: +233 302 998750 or + 233 508 923041 Emergency number: +233 550 001205

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Lajjimark Real Estate
Commercial and Residential luxury real estate RENTALS 5% discount
contact: Khatib Khalil, 0233552234113, khalil@ogroupafrica.com

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Grand Taste Chinese Restaurant
Food/ Catering Service 10% discount
contact: Lou Caifeng 0242348408 liucaifeng2453@gmail.com

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Greco Ghana Ltd
Automotive Tyres, Batteries and Lubricants 10% discount
contact: Grewal Harman 0244328327 harman@grecoltd.com

Vertical Vision printing
Large format digital printing, billboards, Self Adhesive Vynil (SAV), vehicle branding, signage, stickers, POSM, etc 10% discount
contact: Khatib Khalil 0233552234113 khalil@verticalvision.com.gh

Spartan Safety
We sell Personal protective equipment, Products like Safety Helmets, Nose mask, Safety Gloves, Safety boot etc. We have a complete range of Head to toe Safety gears. 10% discount
contact: Enoch Rajan 0559745551 info@spartekafrica.com

contact: HAMOUI RAMI 0244388395 rami.hamoui@gmail.com rami.hamoui@rc0plus.com

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The Box Concept
Eco friendly lunch boxes, water bottles , lunch bags, school bags and more , carefully selected from trusted brands in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. 10% discount
contact: Ghenwa Hage Farah 0249999902 Ghenwa@weeventghana.com

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Travel & Accommodation

Labadi Beach Hotel
Hotel , entertainment Discount of room rate, Food & Beverage outlets, Swimming Pool & Beach entrance, Gym, SPA, Tennis courts & lessons / Dates to be booked in advance and subject to availability.
contact: Anne-Rita Solano 0559542220 anneritasolano@outlook.com; podoom@legacyhotels.com