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10 Reasons to Enrol in ARIS,

May 29, 2019

ARIS as an institution and a community has grown boundlessly over the last couple of years. The learning never stops and the soaring never stops, we are ARIS Eagles, after all. Ever wonder what makes us so unique? We have listed down the ten top reasons to join ARIS!

IB Continuum - the promise of the CP

ARIS is a proud IB World School with an authorized and running Primary Years and Diploma Programme since 2015. This year, marking our 15th Anniversary, we also got authorization for the IB Middle Years Programme. Our IB Journey does not just end there! We have also received Candidacy status for the 4th and final IB Programme - the Career Related Programme (IBCP) that runs parallel to the IBDP. If we are authorized to offer the IBCP, we will be the first school in Africa and one of the few worldwide to offer all four IB Programmes.

Language programme

ARIS has an exhaustive language programme, as we value global citizenship and International mindedness. Not only are our Early Years classes bilingual, offering English and French language instruction full time. We also have 5 foreign languages offered across our Primary and Secondary campuses - French, German, Spanish, Mandarin (Confucius Institute), Hindi and of course English. We offer a Language B (second language programme) and a Language C (third language programme) whereby students can have their pick among the languages offered!

Performing Arts Programme

ARIS values creativity and performing arts! Every year, both ARIS Primary and Secondary have multiple programmes that showcase students' talents in music, drama and dance, be it in school cultural programmes or simply dance/music programmes. A few examples include the annual Dancemania, Sound of Music (Primary) and the yearly Musical Theatre performance that Secondary puts together (Moana and Sarafina, under our belt, so far).

Multicultural Community (more than 50 different nationalities)

ARIS is a community with more than 50 different nationalities among less than 550 students. As our campus and student community grows, our community's cultural diversity will also grow. As we pride ourselves in this global community, we set our yearly calender as per all the culturally diverse programmes we can celebrate based on our community's initiatives in organizing them, for example, Diwali, Turkish Children's Day, Ghana Yam Festival and more. We even have the annual ARIS PSA International Day which is the largest fair that ARIS PSA organizes bringing together food and culture from all of our school community's nationalities.

Career/University Guidance

As we get ready to graduate our third batch of IBDP students, we have a growing and thriving University and Career Guidance Department, manned by Mr. Emil. He inspires the students to dream and empowers them to go after them as he guides them through application processes, cover letters, personal statements and scholarships. This academic year has observed the highest global reach as all of our students have been placed in universities across all the continents. This year's batch has also received the highest number of scholarships and financial aid!

Early Years Play-based Learning

Our Primary campus has a special team that focuses on the Early Years Play-based Learning. The foundation stage of a child's early childhood development is the one that has the most formative impact on his/her cognitive abilities. Our Early Years team looked after by our trained Early Years Coordinator, Madam Evon Mattouk, and all the trained Early Years Facilitators has never looked stronger with a seamless Learning through Play curriculum, following various approaches including the Reggio-Emilia, Montessori among more.

Personalized Learning and Wellbeing

ARIS, as an inclusive education school, has a growing Personalized Learning Department headed by Dr. Funke Baffour-Awuah. Our classes are fully integrated and inclusive following personalized learning and differentiated instruction to tap into the strengths of each student. The department takes utmost care for students who also need extra support to propel them to reach their goals. This is across both Primary and Secondary campus with two specialized SENCOs (Special Educational Needs Coordinators).

The focus goes beyond Academics. Dr. Funke is also adopting the ARIS Wellbeing model to promote mental and emotional wellbeing among the students, teachers and the entirety of the ARIS Community!

Visual Arts Programme

Visual Arts are one of the greatest strengths among our talented student community. From the Early Years to the graduating students in the Diploma Programme, Visual Arts is offered as a subject and encouraged through Exhibitions! This year, our Primary campus organized an Early Years Big Heart Art Exhibition, and a PYP Africa Art Exhibition. Our Secondary Campus also has the annual IBDP Art Exhibition that is part of the IBDP Final Art Assessment!

Active PSA

The ARIS Parent-School Association is active with its initiatives in empowering and transforming our school community. Every year, the ARIS PSA holds the Annual General Meeting, as well. ARIS PSA organizes two of the biggest ARIS Community events, ARIS PSA Barbeque which is at the start of the year and the ARIS PSA International Day that celebrates campus-wide multiculturalism. We have also ARIS PSA to thank for their support during various other meetings/conferences/events and of course, the ARIS Secondary Basketball court!

ARIS Cares

ARIS Cares about the community that we are all a part of and our surrounding communities. Our CAS, Service Learning and ARIS Cares Programme complement one another and are not mutually exclusive as they are all active initiatives to give back to the community. Whether it is our students going for a city or a zoo cleanup, or our active involvement in environmental sustainability projects, we are always at the forefront. This 15th Anniversary which was celebrated along the theme of ARIS Cares also launched the ARIS Cares Grant that was given to four projects - Operation Smile, Elephant Research, Migrant Community Empowerment and Inclusive Education Research.

Don't you want to be a part of our affluent community? Enroll now! What are you waiting for?