Body Changes Talk

May 13, 2019

Our bodies going through changes is an inevitable part of growing up. At ARIS, we value health education, self-awareness, and hygiene as paramount to our personal wellbeing and learning experiences. As a school, it is our duty to inform our evolving students of their bodily changes.

On Friday, our Health Department at Primary - the ARIS Primary Nurse and our School Physician, Dr. Joanna Fadoul organized a Health Talk with our Year 5 and Year 6 students about Body Changes. Nurse Christy and Dr. Joanna spoke to both the boys and girls about changes that occur as they undergo puberty, and guided them through natural body growths or voice changes, and other things like periods and more. They also talked to the youngsters about the importance of personal hygiene as their bodies go through hormonal changes.

As the talk came to a close, the students also got a chance to anonymously write on a sheet of paper questions that they had which were also addressed.

Stay tuned for more!