PYP Year 2 Go Grocery Shopping

Oct 10, 2019

For Language B today, our PYP Year 2 students under the Unit of Inquiry, Healthy Foods, learned in Arabic the names of certain fruits and vegetables and how beneficial they are to us as human beings.

What better to learn the names of fruits and vegetables in Arabic than to go grocery shopping! The Arabic Facilitators set up a make-believe mini fruit and vegetable market outside the class and our students had fun identifying the foodstuff they wanted to buy in Arabic!

Language acquisition is a very important tool in the cognitive development of young children. Not only are the students able to express themselves in other languages, but they also learn of the cultural aspect of the language.

Here at ARIS, we encourage our students to learn new languages, apart from their mother tongue. As such we have integrated language into their learning and have made available to our eagles 6 languages of which they can learn, at different levels - French, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish and German.