The Elissag Championship: SOAR HIGH EAGLES

Sep 24, 2019

The Elissag Championship: SOAR HIGH EAGLES!

The Elissag Championship commenced on Friday, 20th September at the Lizzy Sports Complex and our PYP ARIS eagles showed up and showed out! Participating schools at the games included Liberty American School, Kay Billie Klaer, Learning Skills International School, Galaxy International School, and Ecole Ronsard.

Our PYP ARIS eagles made us proud by winning their first matches for the Elissag Championship. The upper and lower division teams all showcased impressive teamwork and collaborated to win all their matches. At the end of the day’s matches, the lower division and the upper-division won 8-1 and 7-2 respectively against Liberty American school.

As learners in ARIS, our students are encouraged to participate in all school activities both inside and outside the classroom. Participation in sports activities during and after school hours is highly encouraged. Physical Education is an important aspect of education as it teaches learners how to become risk-takers, teambuilders, and principled individuals!

Congratulations EAGLES!