Waterproof and Absorbency - A PYP Reception into Materials

Mar 4, 2021

PYP Reception eagles are going further into their inquiry, from learning about the different types of materials, floating and sinking, and now, they are learning about the waterproof and absorbency property of materials.

To ensure that the eagles understood these concepts, their facilitator had them come to school with umbrellas, raincoats and boots. They then went out to the football field to start their experiments. With the help of some water hoses, the students learned that the material that the umbrellas, raincoats and boots were made out of were waterproof, and thus does not allow water to pass through. They went on to learn about absorbency and the fact the materials that are absorbent soak up water.

Of course, such an inquiry does not go without some fun! The absolute best way to get students to understand concepts!