Girls Can Be Engineers too! - A Skit by MYP 1 Year 7 Eagles

Sep 6, 2021

MYP 1 Year 7 Eagles have begun exploring Engineering as a discipline in science, and as part of their exploration, the eagles have discovered that women have faced a lot of discrimination in past and recent times as they tried to fulfill their dreams of becoming engineers.

Due to this, they decided, as a class, to create a short skit to show everyone that girls too can be engineers.

Working in groups, the eagles researched some obstacles that women faced in their journeys to becoming engineers. Using their communication and social skills, the group came up with a plan for the skit.

The message: Girls can be anything they want to be, girls too can be engineers. All you need is to be knowledgeable in the field, be passionate, have great communication and social skills, and be risk-takers.

We are proud of Year 7 for this initiative and we want to encourage everyone, both boys and girls, to chase their dreams, be empowered and transform the world to make it a better place!