How Does the Ear Function? A PYP Year 3 Inquiry!

Sep 24, 2021

Inquiring into the senses so far, for PYP Year 3, has been insightful for them. But the inquiry does not stop there!

Today the eagles went further into their inquiry as they had an amazing session with a special guest speaker from MYP 3 Year 9 who gave a presentation on how the ear works. The practical session had the eagles see what the inner ear looks like and the processes sound goes through to be interpreted by the brain. Being a student who is hard of hearing, our lovely Year 9 Eagle showed the younger eagles how his hearing aids help him and how he keeps it clean. In his presentation, he gave certain reasons why a child could be born with a hearing defect, and also how an adult can develop a hearing defect.

Do you know who an audiologist is? Well, Year 3 Eagles also learned about the work of an audiologist and their role in helping people who are hard of hearing cope.

Good job to our MYP Year 9 Eagle for exhibiting great communication skills and for PYP Year 3 Eagles for an amazing and interactive session!