PYP ARISVersity Module 1: Understanding the Learner Profile in PYP

Sep 24, 2021

The first module for this year's PYP ARISVersity took place today! With a focus on understanding the PYP Learner Profiles, our dear PYP parents were engaged in a very interactive session at the MPH of the Primary Campus.

Led by PYP Coordinator, Mme Evon, and Head of Primary School, Mme Dania, the parents worked in groups, defining each learner profile and instances where they are and can be portrayed. First time IB Parents definitely learned some IB lingua too in this session.

Module 1 is done, 4 more modules to go!

We encourage all parents who signed up for the ARISVersity sessions to make it a point to attend all the modules as they are a sure way to understand how the PYP works and how the learning journey of the Eagles takes place. Be inspired and empowered, to be transformed into the PYP Parent you ought to be!