MYP 5 Year 11 Personal Project Exhibition

Mar 16, 2022

MYP Personal Project is an opportunity for MYP students to work on projects of personal interest in their final year of MYP.
These personal projects are year-long projects that MYP students develop in their final year of MYP, and are aimed to help the school community. With a total of about 33 different projects, the students delved into matters relating to, Physical Health, Mental Health, Sports, Engineering, Technology, Women Empowerment, Sexual Health, just to mention a few.
For this exhibition, MYP 5 Year 11 Students displayed all they have learned in their MYP journey through projects that are impactful to them, and that will also help them develop skills necessary to be successful in the MYP.
A huge congratulations to all MYP 5 Eagles for showing responsibility, passion and taking action through all the brilliant presentations! It has been a delight seeing the transformation!