Mr. Ali Abubakar Siddik

SEN Support Facilitator (Secondary, SEN)

Ali Abubakar Siddik graduated from the University of Professional Studies, Legon. Ali has been working as a teacher in ARIS since October 2010. He believes is a privilege to work in the ARIS Support Department, coming in with experience in teaching Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Geography and History in his eight years at ARIS. Moving to the Support Department has been a joy for Ali, he thoroughly enjoys working with students, parents and staff. His passion is to inspire students and support them in maximizing their potential. The impact one gets from the students can truly be life-changing.

Some of Ali's students have mastered skills such as tying one’s shoes, speaking in turns, becoming more assertive and confident. Working with students with all range of abilities has helped him appreciate the IB learner profiles that we adopt at ARIS.

In his role Ali collaborates with teachers in writing Individual Education Plans (IEP), in class support for teachers especially in Math, Science and English subjects and giving one-on-one support to
Special Education Needs (SEN) students. Outside school, he loves spending time with family members, playing or watching football.

Ali is very patient and loves the excitement of being able to incorporate into his teaching diverse types of resources (such as books, digital media, music, art and movies) and bringing different experiences into the classroom. These experiences become part of the lives of some special people, ie ARIS students. Ali believes that being a facilitator in that process is a privilege that teachers enjoy much more than people in other walks of life.