Andrews Adjei

Visual Art Facilitator (Secondary, Art)

Andrews Adjei is a Visual Artist with a passionate interest in textiles and graphic design. He uses various art media and tools to express himself and his visual ideas. Having also trained as a Graphic Communication artist, he has acquired specialised skills in digital media art such as CorelDRAW (a vector graphics editor) and Adobe Photoshop. Open-minded, and with a natural flair for painting and drawing, Andy has eight years of experience with palette and brush, including four years in the print industry and four years in the classroom as a support teacher.

With other accomplished artists, Andy has embarked on a number of projects both nationally and privately. The National Population Council, the Fisheries Commission of Ghana, and the Honourable Ekow Spio Gabbrah (the current Minister of Trade and Industry) respectively have benefitted from his talents.

Andy obtained his professional Diploma in Visual Art from the Ghanatta College of Art and Design, and a certificate in Graphic Designing from the Professional Designing Academy, Accra. He is also a member of the Artist Network University, which provides online art classes and workshops.
He enjoys a country music and reads almost anything, provided it is educative and informative.
Andy lives by the dictum that ‘The world is like an empty shell that the artist must fill.’