Benjamin Tee-Sowah

ICT Facilitator & IT Support (Secondary, ICT)

Benjamin Tee-Sowah (Mr Tee as he likes to be called) is a young, vibrant man who loves technology and is always keen to impart whatever he has discovered in the hi-tech world. Colleagues and students alike are privileged with his enthusiasm, patience and expertise.

His passion for gadgets and technology led him to tertiary education with NIIT (now BlueCrest College in Cola Street), where he acquired an Honours Diploma in Networking Engineering. Other certificates gained were as an NIIT Certified PC Technician, in Microsoft Office Proficiency and a Young Searchers League Bible Searching Certificate. He later pursued a one-year top-up degree programme with The Open University, UK, through which he acquired a Certificate in Fundamentals of Interaction Design.

He is compelled to work in education by his philosophy that ‘teaching is the recreation of a better you in another person’. He is a self-motivated fellow who loves challenges because, to him, ‘nothing is difficult; everything is a challenge’. He is gregarious, he is friendly and jovial. He chose ICT because of a firm belief that technology is the hub from which all other subjects radiate.

His hobbies include playing basketball, football, jockeying the discs and computer games. He writes spoken-word poetry and loves to tear down and fix gadgets of all descriptions.