Boudour Obeid

Head of MFL (Primary/Secondary, MFL)

Boudour Obeid is the Arabic Program Coordinator, DP Examiner, and ATL Coordinator, born and raised in Lebanon. She describes herself as a passionate educator with a special connection to the Arabic language. Madame Obeid spent more than a decade as a French language coordinator before diverting to her mother tongue, the Arabic language.

Madame Obeid is very concerned about ensuring every student acquires the valuable knowledge of the Arabic language and spends many hours researching new advancements as well as teaching techniques and material used worldwide in order to incorporate them into ARIS. She is very enthusiastic about encouraging students to integrate Arabic into their daily lives, this way they learn to appreciate the true value of it.

Throughout her career path, Madame Obeid has acquired accreditation from Cambridge University and the IBO as an examiner for the Arabic speaking test as well as certification for primary and secondary education. In addition, she is also certified with the Diploma Programme categories 1 and 2, and for language B.

Madame Obeid enjoys reading, and online research about education to add to her immeasurable collection of books and articles. She believes that learning is a continuous process and there is always something new to gain. Her daily routine is never complete without her morning cup of coffee while listening to the music of the famous Lebanese legend Fairuz.