Charity Borteley Mensah

Primary Facilitator (Primary)

Charity gained admission to the University of Cape Coast in 2006 to pursue her Diploma in Basic Education, she completed it in 2009. Charity successfully completed the University of Cape Coast with her Bachelor’s Degree in Phycology and Educational Foundation, in 2014. Charity joined ARIS in 2015. She has always believed that life has opportunities for all of us, some will start early and others later, what is important is the effort and determination.

While managing her role as a facilitator at ARIS, Charity, a life long learner has set aside time to complete the following workshops and professional development courses:

• IB Category 1: Making the PYP Happen, June 2015
• IB Category 2:Teaching and learning through Inquiry, November , 2015
• Teaching and Leaning Conference- Unlocking Students Potential, November, 2015
• Cambridge Primary Math , 2015
• IB Category 3: Math through Inquiry, 2017
• IBO Africa Festival, February, 2018
• Currently enrolled in ‘Creating a Culture of Thinking’ course offered by Harvard Graduate School of Education (February 2018- May 2018).