Dorinda Tham

DP Coordinator, English, Blended Learning Coordinator (Secondary, DP Coordinator, English)

Dorinda Tham has a passion for inspiring children. At IGCSE level, she teaches English Language and the inter-disciplinary course in Global Perspectives. In the IB Diploma Programme, she teaches English Language and Literature, at both Higher and Standard Level. It is extremely rewarding, she feels, to see how confident and enthusiastic students can become when one encourages them to recognize what they cannot see in themselves.

She enjoys widening students' outlook on the world. Playing the leading role in coordinating ARIS's Model United Nations, she guides and witnesses at first hand how students engage in world affairs, learn about and begin to understand other cultures, and develop a strong sense of internationalism and responsibility as citizens of the world.

Dorinda believes that learning should not just be about academics and scholarship but is also about developing and harnessing creativity, self-confidence and a sense of purpose. One of her favorite quotes is by Barbara Januszkiewicz: “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” Dorinda believes that the moment teachers create the right learning environment to spark curiosity and self-confidence, they are half-way to developing creative thinkers; students who desire to make a difference no matter how small.

On the last day of school, she can be found on the football field tackling the ball for her team.