Dr Fatma Odaymat

Director (SMT)

Fatma Odaymat is a Medical Doctor and Public Health Practitioner by profession, with extensive experience in managing projects and programmes dealing with women and children. For more than 15 years she has been involved in developing and managing educational and health programmes for children of all ages, including children suffering from the 'Worst Forms of Child Labour' and 'Children Affected by Armed Conflict' in Africa and in the Middle East. As a United Nations Officer and a consultant for many international organizations around the world she was involved in developing and managing Early Childhood Development programmes, building and/or rehabilitating schools, providing capacity building for teachers and school administrators, and working with governments on the ratification of educational and protection policies. She brings that huge resource of global experience to ARIS. She works hard to ensure that students enjoy the highest standards in international education, with a focus on international-mindedness and community service.

Under her leadership, ARIS has been approved as a Cambridge International School and IB World School offering the Primary Years and Diploma Programme. ARIS is an IB World School.

Dr Fatma believes that education, health and protection should be key components of every school and cannot be separated. With everyone in ARIS she strives to make sure that every student has the best possible opportunities for success; from a healthy start, excellence in educational provision and protection from harm, in a community which cares deeply about the wellbeing of every individual.

She loves to read, sing and dance along with her three children who also attend the school.