Mrs. Gloria Quarshie

Primary Facilitator (Primary)

Gloria Quashie 

Gloria Quashie went to university in London and has a Bachelors in Education. She has also taken part in various School Professional Developments. Being new to the IB, she is a passionate Facilitator. Gloria’s teaching philosophy is that she is aware of the many barriers to learning that can present themselves during a child’s education. She is also aware that some of these barriers may be more obvious than others – for example, in the case of a child who speaks another language to that of the school.

Gloria understands that a child’s behaviour can become an obstacle preventing learning, and that it is important to look at the ‘whole’ child (culture, family, history, home life, etc) as opposed to the ‘school’ child (focusing only on how the child behaves in the context of school). She believes that a child’s behaviour is the best guide to their internal states of well-being and in turn, their readiness to learn.

Over the years of teaching, Gloria has learned that what may work for one child, can be disastrous for another even if they appear to be affected by similar issues; parental involvement is vital to a child’s education – not only when things go wrong, but from the moment a child embarks upon their formal education, to ensure that things go right.

Gloria’s role as class teacher then is to ensure that the curriculum as a whole – and indeed individual lessons – are tailored in such a way that they make personal sense and appeal to each pupil. In delivering the curriculum, Gloria places emphasis on the individual learning styles of children as well as the range of abilities often found within one class.

Effective teaching in Gloria’s opinion is that which allows every child a view of what is possible, whilst providing the necessary scaffolding to enable each pupil to take their next step towards these possibilities or learning goals. Success then is measured in terms of progress from one stage to the next. It is the job of the teacher to firstly believe that each pupil can and will achieve their full potential; secondly to spread this belief throughout the school. It is through this combination of ‘small-steps’ progression, belief, confidence and positive profile development that steady advancement and eventually excellence is achieved.

Gloria loves to dance, listen to music of different genres and travel!