Mr. Isaac Jang

Librarian (Primary)

Isaac is a graduate from the University of Ghana and the Institute for Commercial Management Bournemouth, UK. He holds his Maters in Information Studies (Library option), Bachelor’s in Information Studies with Sociology, Advanced Diploma in Business Studies and Diploma in Librarianship. He is a member of the Ghana Library Association.

Isaac sees the library as the storehouse of knowledge, therefore the library seeks to be the “brain” of the academic and research culture of the primary campus of ARIS and contributes to the school’s intellectual activities. The primary school library envisions that it will fulfil its unique role as a major contributor to the academic, cultural and social development of the school community.

In fulfilling this vision, the library continue to acquire and maintain adequate information resources, offer efficient instruction on the retrieval and use of materials in all formats and continue to provide state-of- the- art technology for users or patrons to enable become lifelong learners.

Ike, as affectionately called is friendly, Open minded and loves interacting with different learners which motivated him to join the ARIS Family in February 2019. As the Librarian, he creates effective cross- departmental working relationships and assist both in-house and outside scholars with world class library services.

Ike enjoys reading, listening to music and travelling during his leisure time.