Mr. Lawrence George Badoe

Physics Facilitator (Secondary)

"Mr. Lawrence George Badoe has a Masters degree in Physics (Nuclear) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and has been an IB facilitator for the past 8 years teaching Physics.

Although his love and passion has always been teaching, he spent a number of years working with MTN as a Quality Assurance Controller. He joins ARIS from SOSHGIC where he taught both the IGCSE and the IB curricular. As an experienced researcher, he is a huge resource for students during their research work (eg. EE and IA's) and helps students with research techniques.

Mr. Badoe's teaching philosophy is that "students are precious stones that need a teacher's polishing". He is friendly, welcoming and a team-player who will serve as an excellent mentor for students. During his relaxing moments, he enjoys music whiles sipping on a cold cocktail or hanging out with old friends from St. Augustine's College and Tema."