Mansur Abubakar

IBCP Facilitator and BTEC Program Manager (Secondary)

Mansur Abubakar is an experienced teacher, who is able to establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities and develop high quality schemes of work and lesson plans for pupils. Combining these core competencies, and CIE training for teaching and marking IGCSE Mathematics and Physics, have made him an excellent educator.

Mansur has been a Physics teacher since September 2005 in different countries. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics/Physics in 2004 and a Masters in 2013. He has a long and successful experience in teaching, as well as conducting research in the field of education.

With his previous employer, where he worked for five years, he was renowned for being able to motivate, mobilize, and coach his students to achieve the highest academic levels. He taught the best CIE Mathematics students in 2013 and 2014, with total marks of 97% and 98% respectively. He can easily work with others in a professional manner while sharing a common goal. He also considers himself to be someone whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability, in a multicultural setting, to build rapport with a diverse workforce.