Mrs. Monique Zami

Primary Subject Facilitator (Primary)

Monique Akossiwa Emefa Zami went to school at the University of Lomé, where she majored in Linguistics and studied English.

Monique has attended the IB Training 3-5 years old Workshop. She has also taken part in the British Council Online Course in –

· Engaging with Professional Development – keeping up to date

· Understanding Lesson Management

· Understanding Child Protection


She has also attended the Educator’s Network 8th Literacy Conference, at Lincoln Community School.

Monique’s teaching philosophy is led by the belief that being a teacher is to be a lifelong learner; to accept that you have to learn from your students, colleagues, parents and the community, and be bold enough to adjust your teaching strategies when necessary.

In her leisure time, Monique loves to design and decorate.