Mrs. Nadine Maatouk

Primary Subject Facilitator (Primary)

Nadine went to school at “Val Pere Jacques”, Lebanon. She has a ‘Diploma Superieur D’etudes Francaise Modernes”, a “Diploma Superieur D’etudes Commerciales” and a Diploma & Certificate in Software Applications ‘City & Guilds, UK’.

She is also a proud ARISVersity Trainee and Graduate with 9 years of Teaching Experience!

Nadine’s Teaching Philosophy is to think of your students as your own children. She believes that a Facilitator must never give up on them, and to be an effective teacher, one must empower students to take their Education seriously and responsibly. Nadine believes that Teaching is the most important service because a teacher plays a large role in education a generation to function knowledgeably in the society.

During her leisure time, Nadine loves to spend time with family and playing games and exploring new cultures/food with her children!