Mrs. Roula Jebeile

Librarian (Secondary Library)

Roula Jebeile recently moved back to Ghana after having grown up here. Her teaching journey started by working as an Art and Social Studies teacher at the German School in Beirut, where the PYP and MYP approaches were implemented in the lessons planned for the learners. She then worked at Université Saint Joseph in Beirut for 14 years, teaching ESL and Business English to adult learners. She earned a BS degree in Graphic Design and an MA in Education/TESOL from the Lebanese American University. Roula is also a proof reader and editor. She wrote many articles about gourmet and health in Magma Magazine, Beirut, Lebanon.

“Every child is capable; just guide them and give them time”, is what Roula stresses when counseling and helping her students achieve their goals and dreams. She is a people person and enjoys the company of individuals of all ages.