Mrs. Sandeepa Chavan

PYP Coordinator (Primary)

Madame Sandeepa Chavan has over 30 years of experience in schools around the world, and as a PYP coordinator.

Sandeepa is a master at team building, running profession development sessions on all elements of the PYP, conducting parent workshops/orientations, and planning the curriculum. Sandeepa encourages an inquiry-based learning environment within the ARIS community.

Sandeepa’s educational qualifications include a MA1, Pune University, Majored in History, BA with a Distinction, in History and English, Karnatak University, PUC, with a distinction, G.A. College, where she stood first in the college.

Sandeepa is married with two daughters. She enjoys drawing, painting, singing, dramatics, writing, dancing, reading, astrology, numerology, and learning about new cultures and traditions. Sandeepa speaks English, Hindi, Marathi, and Arabic.