Mr Shadi Byrouthy

Facilitator (Secondary)

Writer, poet, and self-defined health-enthusiast and ‘life-observer,’ Shadi has a rich background in English Literature and Language, wrought from experiences and studies on three continents. He is an avid reader and an appreciator of nature, thus he can occasionally be spotted scouring the capital for a peaceful tree or quiet shore under or upon which to engage some reading or the other. He is passionate about the mental growth of his students, and thus dedicates all his energy and patience on deciphering students’ personalities, characteristics and social zone of proximal development (ZPD), so to speak, from which to communicate with students most effectively. Mr Byrouthy’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds in English, Arabic and local languages such as Twi and Ewe, as well as pedagogical wherewithal, render him an ideal communicator, a relatable facilitator, and an effective mediator of conflicts between students of varying age groups, backgrounds and disciplines.