The EU Climate Change Recycled Art Competition

Oct 18, 2018

The EU Climate Change Recycled Art Competition was held at the Alliance Francaise last night! A lot of International Schools participated – Liberty American School, Ghana International School, British International School, American International School, Association International School and of course Al-Rayan International School!

The ARIS Eco-Eagles Team, with our 3 IBDP Students – Salam Majzoub, Amadeo Zilocchi and Rashida Hassan, represented ARIS, with their own Visual Art Board made entirely out of Recycled materials.

This year’s theme at the EU Climate Change Diplomacy Week was the “TALANOA Dialogue”. This means that all the Art presented would have to be Inclusive, Participatory and Transparent. This dialogue propels the movement towards addressing major environmental issues.

Our Eco-Eagles Team presented a Recycled Artwork that “portrays a disturbing image of what Climate Change does to our Earth. The Blackness represents Climate Change encroaching our Beautiful Nature. The Paper People represent the Human Connection in communicating TALANOA Dialogue through Social Media.”

All Participant schools also had other Art Projects that later the Jury would select the top three Impressive Projects! One of our students, Marieke, was also part of the Jury!

Although this time, ARIS did not win the competition, the real take-away is that the youth should start taking responsibility and start heading the dialogue on Climate Change and Sustainability! We are proud of our students and all other students who went up on such a Global Platform and presented their projects and views!

Congratulations and let’s keep going!



This week, 3 of our IBDP-1 CAS Students took part in the EU Climate Change Diplomacy Art Competition. Among many other international schools, ARIS Students also presented Artwork made entirely out of recycled material that catered to the theme of the “Talanoa Dialogue” of being Inclusive, Participatory and Transparent.


At the event, one of our students, Rashida Hassan presented a speech to the Jury, to defend the Artwork that they had presented. Read it below:


“This project represents a process of people coming together to share ideas to make a decision that benefits everyone. Different streets all converge in the center and these represent our take on dialogue and how we believe it is heavily influenced by social media. Each road is calling people together and raising awareness about climate change. We chose Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp. Our artwork represents the 4 corners of the earth that have been affected by Climate Change and what might come after if we do not work together to reduce its effects. 


On one corner we see burning and withered trees. On the other we see burning buildings and the effect on industries and corporations. Finally, we see the catastrophic effect on our oceans and lakes that have been ravaged with filth (mainly plastics). The green feet of the humans in the centre represent how we are part of nature not in control of it and how we must work toward saving it. In conclusion, we believe a conversation needs to go on about Climate Change; transparency about pressing issues in our society must go on in order to live in a world of peace and stability. The damage has already been done but it is up to us to come together which is represented by the humans forming a ring in the center. Thank you.”


We are so proud of all the youth that are at the forefront of the dialogues around Climate Change and Sustainability, as they go on Global forums to speak out about their perspectives! Let’s all continue to be Global Citizens, and Inspire, Empower and Transform for our better future.