Our Campus is Closed.
Our Learning Continues.

Visit the ARIS Virtual Learning Information page to get updates on Covid-19, read stories, show appreciation, improve your wellbeing, and more!

For more information on our current school operation level and communication you can contact us, use the following channels:

  • Admissions: +233 54 392 9191 or click on Enroll Now
  • Employment: recruitment@aris.edu.gh
  • Finance Payments: studentaccounts@aris.edu.gh
  • IT Support: support@aris.edu.gh
  • Early Childhood Center: emaatouk@aris.edu.gh
  • Primary School: dsadek@aris.edu.gh
  • Middle School & Secondary School: amukherjee@aris.edu.gh dtham@aris.edu.gh


ARIS Moves to Virtual Learning due to the Covid-19 Arrival in Ghana

Jun 16, 2020

ARIS Virtual Learning PlatformThe goal of the Virtual Learning Platform is to ensure learning continues during the closure.  We recognize that the Virtual Learning Platform will pose challenges for families and we w...

Eagle CoderZ go to the CRCC Finals!

May 26, 2020

We are proud to announce that the Robotics and Coding Team of ARIS, the Eagle CoderZ have qualified to the Finals of the Cyber Robotics and Coding Competition!This competition involves young coders from across the world...