"Inclusion works to the advantage of everyone. We all have things to learn and we all have something to teach."

-- Helen Henderson

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Tuition 2024/25

Welcome to ARIS!We believe that quality education should be accessible to all students. ARIS is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience while maintaining a transparent and competitive tuition structure....

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

How to Apply

Al-Rayan International School (ARIS) is dedicated to serving international and local families. The Admissions Manager is dedicated to helping each family find the school that is the best match for them.Every family has a...

Reference: Student Age to Class

Below is a reference table relating the chronological age of students to their class in ARIS, in comparison with the United States system.Chrono AgeUK School / ARISARIS ProgrammeUS SchoolFrench  India CBSEGhana...

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

School Timings

Primary ScheduleDayHoursMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday7:45 am - 3:15 pmWednesday7:45 am - 1:15 pmSecondary ScheduleDayHoursMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday7:45 am - 3:20 pmWednesday7:45 am - 1:20 pm

Admission Resources

 2023/24 School Supply Lists PlaygroupNurseryReception 1 2Year 3_4_5_6Year 7_13School Stream AppDigital LibraryDevice Guide 23/24Primary Uniform Order FormSecondary Uniform Order Form

Admission Frequently Asked Questions

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