Excellence in Education

our curriculum is international and challenging. At the same time, we place a high value on the quality of relationships within the school

Approaches To Learning

ARIS is one of the leading IB World Schools not just in Ghana but Africa as a whole, as it sets on a journey towards inclusion, collaboration, and innovation. The ARIS Educational Model is centered on our students' perso...

Online Learning

Online Learning

Playgroup Handbook

 Playgroup Handbook DownloadWe extend a warm welcome to you and your family to Al-Rayan International School, and to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which includes the Playgroup year for children aged 12 to...

Reference: Student Age to Class

Below is a reference table relating the chronological age of students to their class in ARIS, in comparison with the United States system.Chrono AgeUK School / ARISARIS ProgrammeUS SchoolFrench  India CBSEGhana...