University and Career Counselling

The ARIS University and Career Guidance Counselling Programme is a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist students in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. This programme seeks to provide developmental and systematic support to each student to ensure their academic, career, personal and social development and achievement. The counselors are professional school advocates who provide proactive and preventative support to maximize student potential.

The programmes and interventions offered to students are delivered collaboratively with school staff, families and members of the community to offer seamless transitions to each student’s next steps.

The ultimate goal of our programmes is that each student from ARIS will transition smoothly to the next level of education with a clear sense of direction as to which career to pursue, which subjects to study and eventually graduate with a personal, academic and career-related skills and knowledge to make responsible decisions and to positively contribute to society.

The department serves as a “one-stop shop” for all its students by providing them with these services:

- University and Career selection processes

- Applications for admissions and scholarships

- Accommodation advice

- Visa counseling

- External examinations (ACT/SAT/IELTS/TOEFL)

- Pre-departure briefing

- Exchange programmes

- Internships

- University tours

- Guest speakers and lectures

ARIS’ University and Career Department use BridgeU, a world-class university & career guidance for global secondary schools. BridgeU provides credible college and career guidance software which partners with institutions to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools.


BridgeU’s platform allows access to worldwide college and scholarship research, career assessments and personality tests. BridgeU enables students to connect high school activities to career aspirations once they complete their education. BridgeU provides ongoing support to counselors to track the progress of individual students and collaborate with students and families while creating reports on their entire student population.



Alumni, where are they now? 

Through university acceptances, ARIS has also substantially grown its international reach and presence. Our students are internationally minded global citizens who are dotted in different parts of the world achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Now, as we track all the universities that ARIS Alumni are attending/accepted to, we realize the global presence of it. Here’s the list –

· SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)

·Georgia Institute of Technology

·Iowa State (USA)

· SP Jain School of Global Management

· New York University-Abu Dhabi

· University of British Columbia

· Leiden University

· University of Groningen

· Central European University

· University of Warwick

· Simon Fraser University

· IED Barcelona

· KU Leuven

· University of Amsterdam

· Rutgers University

· National University of Singapore

· Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

· Cornell University

· University of Pennsylvania

· University of Waterloo

· University of Toronto

· University of Kent

· Lebanese International University

· Notre Dame University

· University of Balamand

· Lancaster University (Ghana/UK)

· Webster University (Ghana/US)

· University of Plymouth

· Georgetown University (Qatar)

· Monash University