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PYP Student Agency

Aug 30, 2019

One of the most used edu-jargons in the world of education now is “student agency.” What is student agency?

Agency in the world of education denotes that a child takes ownership and responsibility of their learning. This means giving the students the voice and choice towards their own learning. The new Enhanced PYP Model that ARIS is developing into the authorized PYP curriculum within the school has student agency at the centre of all teaching and learning practices of the model.

At ARIS, the role of teachers have gradually changed to now term them as “Facilitators”. This is to say - ‘Facilitators of Knowledge’ where they are no longer the absolute source of learning and information for a students’ knowledge and development. Instead they provide support structures within which students can explore the concepts learned within the classroom, and subsequently reflect and apply it to the world outside. To put it simply, you can take the horse to the water, but you cannot tell it to drink.

Student agency goes hand in hand with personalized learning. This is giving credit to the perceptive nature of students’ thought and learning processes. It is providing platform for innovation and creativity. It is propelling critical thinking. These are all some of the most important skills that are required for any semblance of success in the world that awaits.

So, how do we educate 21st learners when we do not know what awaits? We harness their agency, let them take ownership of their learning and build their skill base so that come what may, the future generation succeeds. After all, it is the most sustainable way to go!