An Inspiring Story of Sportsmanship and Perseverance

May 13, 2019

A story of sportsmanship and perseverance.

Marshall Mir Brobey this time picked up the Gold medal for the 8 to 12 years category for the Ghana Triathlon Federation competition yesterday. Swim 200m Bike 2.5km and run 1.5km.

While the swimming, biking and the running are a good enough show of perseverance; what rings forth is the great hurdles that Marshall crossed. Swimming posed a challenge due to the number of fellow participants; what followed suit was the cycling where his cycle broke down. Running behind, he fixed his cycle and raced until it was time to run. Drawing inspiration from the other runners ahead of him, he sprinted across one, two and finally the third runner until he was leading.

He recounts this story to us as we gape at how determined he was, and are amazed at his level of sportsmanship. We are so proud of Marshall! May he soar higher and higher!