New Year Smiles and Creativity, Welcome to Semester 2

Jan 16, 2020

Happy New Year to all members of the ARIS Community and a big WELCOME, to the second semester of the 2019/2020 Academic Year!

The holidays are over and the second semester begins today!

Our morning started on a very bright and buzzing note as students at the Primary Campus commenced the semester dressed as their favorite characters! Our eagles came in today as animals, doctors, chefs, law enforcement officers, astronauts, traffic lights and of course action figures and princesses.

Creativity was displayed at it’s best this morning, and it was such a sight to see students beaming with smiles as they reunited with their classmates, showing off their costumes!


This activity is not only creative, innovative and fun but also it reminds students of the learner profiles as they meticulously chose characters that portrayed profiles that resonated with them. The aim of the IB programmes is to develop students who are inquirers, knowledgeable, open-minded, caring, thinkers, risk-takers, communicators, balanced reflective and principled!

It is going to be a good semester, our staff and facilitators are ready to inspire and empower our eagles, and be inspired and empowered in return and we look forward to all the positive transformations!


We just can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for us!