Beyond COP 21, Transforming Our World, One Symposium at a Time!

Mar 12, 2020

Transforming Our World, One Symposium at a Time! The issue of making our planet a safe place to live, for both humans and animals of this generation and the next, has increasingly become a matter of concern for quite a number of people. People like Peter Milne who with his organization, Target4Green, is working hard at sensitizing young minds, from international schools across the globe, on the issue of sustainability in all aspects of life using the Beyond COP 21 Symposium!

Al-Rayan International School hosted the 12th Beyond COP 21 Symposium, held with about 3 other schools in attendance. This symposium was birthed after the historic Paris talks on climate change, and it seeks to educate and raise awareness not only about climate change but also to mobilize young minds to be part of finding a positive solution that is long-lasting. Young minds who will become leaders in effecting the changes that our planet needs to survive.

Before the day of the symposium, a series of workshops were held for the ARIS Facilitators and MYP students. As part of the workshop, participants worked on the Sustainable Development Goals and identified current ways in which we, as global citizens, are contributing to the success or failure of these goals. In addition, participants brainstormed on ways in which these goals could be attained even in the smallest possible way.

The main event which was held on 22nd February comprised of the symposium, with a panel of guest speakers, an exhibition of local sustainable companies and organizations that were present to display and demonstrate their products and services, interacting with students and parents who were in attendance. The panel of guest speakers included self-taught artist who is greatly inspired by the concept of recycling, Nana Anoff, IBDP 1 students Yasmin and Shika, whose CAS project is linked to the theme of Sustainability in ARIS, and a representative from Youth Reporters for the Environment. The Sustainability Showcase had exhibitors from sustainable companies and organizations which included, Impact Youth Ghana, GuttaSoles, Ghana Green Building Summit, GROC 350m CHAiNT, Eco Schools, Trashy Bags, Defense Network for Democracy Defined and Mike Anane.

Activities that took place during the symposium were very interactive. From the art integration segment to the pledge taking, networking and Round Robin, all for the cause of sustainability, and all who were in attendance took an active part in the symposium.

ARIS is a community of diverse learners who strive to Inspire, Empower our community (students, parents, and staff) in any way to ensure that the world is transformed to be a better place. The Beyond COP 21 Symposium was an excellent way of claiming our role as a global citizen, and working hard towards Sustainability.